Spapanels are a practical and hassle free way to give your bathroom the wow factor.

Platinum Paneling are proud to be Platinum Partners of SPAPANEL Australia, giving us exclusive rights for distribution and installation of SPAPANEL products across Queensland.

Suitable for new build or refurbishment projects, SPAPANEL’s unique design vastly cuts labour time and costs. With over 78 laminate finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the look you’re after.

SPAPANEL are well suited for both residential as well as commercial environments. These include apartments, changing rooms, hospitals, hotels, motels and holiday parks, and all forms of domestic bathrooms and shower enclosures.


Past Projects

Why should you choose SPAPANEL?

Incredible finish

SPAPANEL provides a beautiful and contemporary look to any bathroom. With clean lines, minimal fuss and a large range to choose from, Spa Panels really give a bathroom the wow factor.

Fast installation

SPAPANEL can be installed on anything, with little or no preparation. You can fix them straight onto framework, masonry walls and even over tiles. Without having to prepare walls for tilling, installation times, AND costs, for room renovations are slashed.


SPAPANEL provides completely smooth, straight surfaces for your bathroom. They’re quick and easy to clean, saving you time and leaving germs with no place to hide.

Low maintenance

Have you ever tried to replace a single damaged tile? If so then you’ll know how time consuming it is and how difficult it can be to find a matching one. With no tiles to chip andno grout to clean, once SPAPANEL is installed, you really can forget about them, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to spend any money on them long into the future.

Water tight

SPAPANEL is manufactured with our precisely engineered Hydrolock edge detail to create an extremely tight and aesthetically pleasing finish, removing the need for traditional joint strips or “H-Joints.

Tested by BRANZ using 3000 wetting and drying cycles, the SPAPANEL system will remain water resistant for a minimum of 15 years. SPAPANEL also meets all the waterproof requirements of AS3740, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your bathroom is completely sealed.

Constructed with a hardwood waterproof plywood core and bonded with a high pressure decorative laminate face, backed with a plain white balancing laminate.

Spapanel Selections

DESIGNER Collection

Inspired by the natural world, these Designer range selections bring their timeless style and elegance to your room.