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You don’t know where to start? Hate getting up early, or finding the energy at the end of a long workday. Don’t want the big crowd of group fitness classes? The best place is with a trainer who can guide you through the process, take it at your pace and at a time convenient to you.

You can be a complete beginner or wanting to take your fitness to the next level, a personal trainer can evaluate your fitness and design a program specifically tailored to you and your goals. A tailor-made program specific to your capabilities, helps you to achieve them and improve consistently.

Maybe the cost of a gym membership is not within your budget, why not engage a trainer to work out outdoors or even in your own home/backyard or complex gym.

A trainer is more than a venue and comes with much more flexibility, choose your day, time and location.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to make fitness and wellness your priority. With competing priorities such as work, children and many other commitments, making the time to work out seems to fall down the list. By engaging a trainer, it gives you the motivation, flexibility and direction to take control of your fitness journey. Being accountable for yourself whilst being encouraged by your personal trainer to follow the program designed specifically for you, will help you achieve your desired results. A PT, enables results in a safe and motivating way, taking into account not only your physical health but your mental health. Providing you a wide range of exercises to keep your workouts fresh and your body pushing itself.


Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice your health.

It is incredibly important to keep fit and active during your pregnancy. The benefits of doing so makes for a better recovery post-birth. Focusing on muscle groups that will continue to support your growing belly and changes in your body, can make your pregnancy more comfortable.

It is imperative that you focus on your health and fitness in a safe way. A PT can guide you through exercise making modifications to your specific pregnancy and fitness.

Ease your way back into exercising after having a baby. I will take into consideration the changes your body has undergone. Starting slow and steady to regain your post-baby body, being gentle with the process to help build your strength to your new lifestyle. Carry, nursing and the day to day care of your baby can be taxing to the body and I can help build muscle to support these needs.


Having lost my leg due to a motorbike accident when I was a teenager and having a prosthesis, I personally experienced a lot of rehabilitation.

I was in hospital for 6-7 weeks, and when it came time to commence rehab I had lost a lot of strength in my good leg. I started to focus on gaining strength in my “good leg” with single leg balancing and stability exercises whilst on crutches. Once I was able to start to walk again, I was then able to work on the next stages of strength and gait due to having gained strength in my good leg.

Starting exercise after an injury or illness can present additional challenges to overcome. I can personally relate to this experience and I will take the journey with you, through exercise ensuring you don’t injure yourself further whilst gaining strength to help you fully recover.

Group training

Why not grab a group of friends and work out together – create your own boot camp with your work mates or mother’s group. Not only will you have a friend to turn up with to your training session, but I will provide you with a program that you can utilise for your training schedule outside of our dedicated sessions.

Bring your baby along and I can create exercises that include your baby, pram or baby carrier. Save on costs – you don’t have to pay a baby sitter or put your baby in gym creche’s.

Need further incentive? When you train with 3 or more friends I will offer you a competitive group rate.

Family Friendly TRAINING

Why not make exercise a family fun event. Join me in a park or I can bring the equipment to you at your own home. What a great bonding experience to get active together. Age and fitness is not a factor, each activity can be altered to your ability.

Families (especially with working parents and numerous kids activities) are time poor, working out as a family not only has physical benefits but also psychological benefits. It is known to improve sleep and reduce stress and those working out as a family group see their social and emotional skills improve. As obesity levels continue to increase, it creates good habits in children.

What our clients say

“I had heard horror stories of people who suffered from abdominal separation after their pregnancy. Marty made a program specifically to help me alleviate this. We set up specific exercises to build up my lower back muscles, glutes, quads and pelvic floor for my growing belly and the extra weight placed on my spine.”

Why train with Marty from Enhanced Health and Fitness?

The idea of Personal training can be very intimidating, however very rewarding. Training with Marty with his positive and approachable style makes working out challenging in a non confrontational and undoubtedly motivating way. He will empower you to achieve your personal wellness and fitness goals.

Marty has a holistic approach to wellness and fitness, taking into consideration your diet and lifestyle and fitness level.

With a strong focus on boxing (whether you are a beginner or advanced) boxing sessions with Marty combines resistance workouts with cardiovascular training, a great fat burner! Marty will teach you how to move efficiently, helping you to burn the maximum amount of calories per workout.

Boxing not your thing? why not try a circuit style workout, combining cardio and weight training. He can bring the gym to you. He can even do online training, using items around the house to challenge you to stay active when you cant leave the house.

Everyones journey is different, we all have our own paths to take. Marty never takes a “one size fits all” approach. Call him today to discuss your situation so that he can conduct an analysis and provide a fitness plan.